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Understanding Your Business and Employment Needs

How can you be sure that we understand your business and employment needs? At DG Resource Partners we utilize what we call the The Client-Centered Approach. We rely on this basic philosophy to satisfy your employment needs at all levels of your organization. Why does it work? Because it is based solely on you. Our search process is centered around a thorough understanding of the position’s imperatives and the essential capabilities required to excel at the position. We believe, no one knows better than you the skills and competencies that are essential for each and every current and projected position within your organization.

Business Culture

We understand the prevailing concern that an organization’s culture is vital in determining employee productivity and retention. Cultural fit does go both ways and our job is to make the right match. We drill down until we understand the requirements of the position and the company. The search industry is full of firms that send the best candidate from their database. Not us. We find that the extra effort we put in, using the Client-Centered Approach to understand your business, keeps you and our candidates satisfied with our services – so, we work on it each and every search. We are at our absolute best when we understand you. This approach, however does require cooperation on your part. Talking directly to your department heads and the division stakeholders helps us immensely in ensuring we deliver great results in a timely manner.