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About Us


DG Resource Partners, has provided employment and support services primarily to government agencies for over six years. Our founder, a retired Colonel, has thirty years of exemplary (Army and Air Force) military service in Contract Administration, Procurement, Training & Education, Exercise Planning, Logistics, Healthcare Administration, as well as Command and Leadership positions.

As a result of those early and successfully repeated strong bonds and comradeship that it took to accomplish seemingly insurmountable tasks by the military teams, the Colonel  believes in the premise of Vets helping Vets, hence the early direction of the company – always with an eye towards delivering high quality service to our clients. That mandate will remain as one of the core, guiding tenets  of DG Resource Partners (DGRP).

Over the past six years, DGRP has continued to expand our recruiting and support services. We offer employment-partnering expertise to government and corporate clientele to fill their employment needs – buttressed by; attention to detail, discipline, active listening, and the insistence on understanding the importance of getting it right the first time. These are all traits required to ensure the preciseness and efficiency necessary to effectively assist and satisfy your employment needs – in a timely manner. We further recognize the candidates referred to you must not only be qualified but must also fit into the organizational culture. As Team DGRP, we are dedicated to that goal. We look forward to building an effective, partnering relationship with you.

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