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Executive Search

At DG Resource Partners (DGRP), we understand the importance of Corporate/Organizational Leadership to define the direction of the company now and in the future. In this modern era, competing for the best and brightest employees has increasingly become a more challenging, difficult and expensive venture. Having a company that you can depend on to introduce only uniquely qualified candidates to you, for hiring consideration, is essential. It saves you both money and time, while increasing your organizational effectiveness. Allowing your organization to stay focused on your business without annoying employment gaps within your organization.

Just how do we at DGRP accomplish this? We coined it the:


“We believe the thoughts of the Client Organization and the thoughts of the Candidates should guide our actions”.  THE CLIENT-CENTERED APPROACH.


DG Resource Partners uses what we have coined the “Client-Centered Approach”. This approach works in both directions – for the Client Organization and the Candidates. It ensures we understand the needs of both candidate and organization to make pinpoint placements. Effective listening, corporate understanding, focusing on the relevant information pertaining to the needs of the Organization requires time. Meeting directly with Department Directors, Managers and specific stakeholders allows DGRP employment professionals to gain the specifics required to understand both business direction and employee needs. This helps us to better target the professionals we will recommend, leading to greater employer/employee satisfaction and longer employee retention.

Our Candidates

Our candidates looking for career changes, trust and depend on DGRP to introduce them to opportunities that meet their future expectations. To do this, we take them through our comprehensive screening and interview process. This gives our candidates the opportunity to explain in depth the minute details of their career needs, direction and choices. We also gain understanding and insight into how they want to proceed. Finding the right career moves for our candidates is essential to employee retention.  Using the CLIENT-CENTERED APPROACH allows us to streamline our ability to offer you qualified candidates in a timely fashion. Please contact us with your employment needs, so we can work directly for you.

Find highly qualified talent

As a boutique, agile, veteran owned small owned business with a record of delivering top talent in a variety of industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen carefully to your needs, deliver the best possible fit, and continuously working to exceed your expectations. Work with DG Resource Partners for the people and solutions you need to reach your organizational goals:

  • Add diversity to your workforce
  • Reduce turnover and increase quality
  • Quickly scale up to meet new requirements
  • Meet project deadlines
  • Access specialized skill sets

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Our Specialties

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