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Veteran Support

“Vets helping Vets” is one of the heartfelt underpinnings of DG Resource Partners (DGRP). We are a VA certified SDVOSB  (Small-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) with offices in Georgia and Texas – states with an abundance of talented veterans.  Secondary to our steadfast promise to our clients, we are committed to helping veterans find employment and the services they need to succeed in the marketplace. Oftentimes, due to misunderstandings or inadequate information, vets are overlooked for employment within the corporate community.

We suggest a broader perspective about vets as it relates to what they bring to the work place. The skills acquired in military training, operations and leadership positions equip veterans with effective communication skills, “stick-to-itiveness” and tangible abilities to adapt to changing, challenging work environments. At other times, it is the perception that vets are overqualified as a result of that complex work environment and high operations tempo associated with their military service.   

We understand this mismatch in perceptions and are always willing to help match employers and vets as there are many areas where comparable skill matches exist such as information technology, logistics, administration and communication positions, to name a few. Because it is our desire to provide employers with the best candidate possible at all times, we are comfortable reaching out and considering this underutilized resource pool. Beyond the deserved patriotic demonstration of hiring vets, we believe that qualified individuals, properly screened, and placed, can be great employee assets for your organization.

DGRP is run by Veterans

We are committed to helping veterans find the employment and services they need to succeed. As an SDVOSB, DG Resource Partners works with agencies who support veterans and offer services including:

To learn more about our commitment to serving our nation’s veterans, contact us